Relais Ciavatta

Restaurant La Frasca


 Relais is located adjacent to the restaurant  "Osteria La Frasca", reached through pedestrian path. Here you can enjoy dishes such as pappardelle with wild boar Maremma, the Acquacotta, as well as dishes of their own creativity as the Clouds Truffle fresh or Real Nest, based on the quality and freshness of the organic products of own production such as oil, wine, jams and preserves, products that you can buy directly into the Relais


Wellness starts undoubtedly from a healthy diet ...

The specialities are our Pasta, exclusively homemade and local meats grilled such as Fiorentina (big beef steak) and in the summer Barbecue specialties in sight.

The restaurant is located in one of the oldest houses in the area, dating back to the '300 and is completely built of local stone. An impressive and hundred year old Oak Tree, National Monument, under whose branches can dine in the summer evenings, dominates the scenery. 

A unique atmosphere for a Romantic Evening not to forget. 

Ideal for weddings and ceremonies, Osteria La Frasca will frame the most important events of your life.     

During low season the restaurant is open only on weekends.

Info and reservations: 329 4194005
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